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Everything you need in a box

The Propagator Kit has everything you need for germinating your seeds. Excluding seeds of course. Our Propagator Kit combines the Propagator Pro with the Germinator Kit. Both are specialized in giving your seeds the best chance of reaching their full potential.

Optimize Your Plants’ Environment

Propagator Pro provide seeds with the perfect environment making management and upkeep a walk in the park. Ideal for hobbyist all the way up to commercial growing operations that want to simplify their propagation & germination setup. Combine this with the Germinator Kit for everything you’ll need to start growing plants. 

For many new gardeners, the germination and propagation stage is the first time they get to experience the wonderful feeling growing their own plants. At this stage, the seedlings vulnerable and easy to kill by accident. 

Propagator Pro will minimize your risk of damaging your little seedlings and maximize the full potential without constantly worrying about damaging your seedlings.

By providing your plants with perfect environmental conditions that won’t dry out the grow medium. Not only does it greatly increase germination success rate but germination speed will ignite as well, you can expect most seeds to germinate within just 1-6 days.

Each unit consists of a pack of perlite, a thermometer strip, and a built-in sleek LED lighting strip. Batteries and Germination Kit are not included*.

Germination Kit Contains:

Label Scoop — Innovative tool that makes transplanting a quick, hassle-free, and more importantly, stress-free endeavor. Never worry about damaging the plant's roots when moving them to a bigger container ever again.

Formulated Microbe Soil Blend — If you’re not familiar with the microorganisms and the benefits they provide your plants then your plants might have the wrong microbes, or maybe even no microbes at all. Which can result in reduced germination rates, poor nutrient uptake, and even your plants susceptible to diseases and pests.

Robust Reusable Tray — A Durable tray with 10 cells. You won’t have to throw away and buy new ones after germination. It’s better for our precious nature and also better for your wallet!

Propagator Pro Contains:

Propagator — 13 x 10 x 13 cm propagator that ships and stores flat and easily put together. Specifically created for giving seeds the perfect environment for the first several weeks of their life.

LED Lighting Strip — Illuminate your propagator and give your plants the perfect amount of light without overheating and burning them. They requires 4 batteries for optimal performance. Batteries are not included.*

Thermometer — For you to keep track of temperatures, just incase the air is to cold for your precious seed. Never grow without one.

Pack of Perlite — One of the most reliable resources for improving drainage and airflow giving you healthy roots free from rot.

3 Steps and you’re ready to grow

Zestaw propagatora

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